But hold your horses! Here's a little 'getting to know you,' first.


My name is Sarah Claudia Rose Clarke, born in North Wales, but residing between Southampton and London for work.

Whilst young, I've managed to gain some incredible contacts, fantastic opportunities and great experiences, and I've now got a much greater understanding of the Industry, and am tackling it head-on!

With a keen eye for perfection, retouching has become an area of my work that I find particularly gripping, with my knowledge being self-taught, and practiced through various collaborations and jobs.

I've interned at some pretty cool places, such as Ted Baker, Fabulous Magazine, Jill Wachter Photography New York, and have an internship with Style Magazine upcoming. I've also worked for Revail Modelling Group, Chio Couture and various local designers.

With experience in Styling and Filming for Liverpool Fashion Week, to Deputy-Editor of West Quay Magazine, I'll pretty much give anything a go!